Warranty conditions


1. IOMO’s 1-year product warranty strictly covers damages which result from the product’s proper and intended use, damages which result from production/manufacturing issues, or damages as a result of general troubleshooting as instructed by the product’s manual.

2. Should any IOMO product be found to possess quality defects within 7 days from the date of purchase, the company will issue and provide a product replacement. For other parts or equipment, the company shall determine the necessary steps and solutions based on hardware conditions.

3. Should any IOMO product under warranty possess quality defects, the company will attempt to repair and replace the product’s parts as deemed necessary to ensure that the device performs its intended function; whereby the customer may or may not be held liable for additional component costs, and/or replacement costs, and/or labor costs, as determined necessary by the company. Furthermore, the company hereby claims ownership of any replaced parts, for instance: circuit boards and other replaceable parts recovered in the process of maintenance or repair.

4. Any damages as a result of improper use, failure to comply with product instructions, negligence, accidents, electrical surges, humidity, extreme temperatures, or damages caused by nature such as: fires, floods, lightning, and earthquakes, are not covered by this warranty. The customer shall be liable for all costs, damages, and expenses arising out of or in connection with the abovementioned causes; which includes repair, replacement, and service costs.

5. This warranty does not cover software or additional programs used to operate the product hardware, consumable or expendable materials such as: product manuals, Software CDs, and other parts such as: lens optics, scanner modules, polymer parts, connector cables, hardware covers, packaging materials, Adapter, batteries, switches/buttons, USB flash disks, and others. 

6. Any products that have been repaired or replaced shall receive the same length of warranty as initially provided by company, or receive an additional 30-day warranty starting from the date of repair.